Are there any resources available to help me if I’m not a UofG student or a GW community member?

While OUTline primarily serves the University of Guelph and surrounding community, we never turn away a caller. So if you’re looking to chat about sexuality, you can give us a call regardless of where you are from. We may not have ready-at-hand referrals for your area, however we will do everything we can to help you find them.

We are open tomorrow night (January 5, 2010) from 6-9 pm and starting on the 12th, we’ll be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6-9 pm. Our number is 519-836-4550. At this time we do not have a toll-free number.

There are also a few other places you may want to investigate:

  1. Many communities have Distress Centres. These Centres typically operate 24 hours a day and have an extensive referrals database. They are staffed by trained community members who are there to listen. While training in sexual orientation and gender identitiy issues may vary in some places, these community agencies can provide a listening ear and referrals. The Centre for Suicide Prevention has a searchable map of Canada to locate the closest Distress Centre to you.
  2. Many communities have AIDS Committees. AIDS Committees have a history of supporting and working with sexual orientation and gender identity issues. While they may not have direct programming relating to your situation, chances are they would know if there were any support groups and programs in your area. The Canadian Aids Society has a list of member organizations you can browse. If you are in a rural area, check the AIDS Committee in the closest municipality; typically these Committees have a wide jurisdiction.
  3. If you are in Ontario and looking for medical-based support (counsellors, physicians etc.) you can try visiting Rainbow Health Ontario‘s website. There you can search their database for your area.
  4. For anyone in Canada, you can check out PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) which has a number of resources on coming-out and other issues. (Click on “Looking for Help” Tab at the top of the homepage).
  5. If you are in a community that has a University, it may be worth a call. While some schools only provide services to students, many are open to the community as well. At the very least, they may know of other resources in your community. Your best contact would be someone at the school’s Student Union.

If this question and answer directly relates to you, feel free to send another message through our form with the city or region you are in and we’ll see if we can find you resources specific to your area. Knowing where you are from will help us give you a more specific response, and will in no way reveal your identity.


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