Are there any gay friendly bars in Guelph?

[Updated Jan 2012]

Original Question: Are there any gay friendly bars in Guelph? Or even just a place that someone can meet other queer people.


Unfortunately, there are no exclusively gay bars in Guelph; however, there are some gay-friendly places to meet other LGBTIQQ2 people.

Downtown there’s Out On The Shelf (141 Woolwich Street, Unit 106) which is a resource centre and lending library specifically for the LGBTIQQ2 community. It hosts Board Game nights, knitting groups, and other social groups. This Saturday, January 30, there is a knit-a-thon fundraiser taking place from 10 am till 4 pm and a movie night from 7 to 9:30pm. You can call them at  (519) 515-0691 or visit them online for more information.

The Albion (located at  49 Norfolk Street, across form the Church of Our Lady) has a gay-friendly night on Thursdays. The Guelph Googenheim (on Woolwich Street, between Gordon Taylor Music and the Trafalgar Building) also regularly hosts LGBTIQQ2-friendly events including dances specifically for the Guelph Queer Community. [Note Jan 6 2012 – The Googenheim has not been running these dances for some time.]

If you’re on campus, Guelph Queer Equality (GQE) hosts socials every Tuesday night and a couple of dances throughout the year.

This is just a taste of gay-friendly Guelph – for more information check out the OUTline main page for more links.


7 responses to “Are there any gay friendly bars in Guelph?

  1. I was wondering if there is a gay friendly martini bars in Guelph? Or any gay friendly bars to go to?

  2. Hi Craig! Sip Club, the E-Bar, and the Albion Hotel are pretty LGBTQ+ friendly. All host several LGBTQ+ events, especially during Guelph Pride Week. Red Papaya also hosts a number of LGBTQ+ friendly events, such as drag shows run in collaboration with Out On The Shelf. Red Papaya is more of a restaurant with a small bar, but it is often transformed for events to be more “bar-like”. Sip Club and Red Papaya are the only two that are physically accessible. Some of the LGBTQ+ friendly events are hosted by Guelph Pride, Out On The Shelf, Guelph Spoken Word, or That’s My Drag which is run by an independent company often in collaboration with Out On The Shelf.

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