Is there a specific residence building at Guelph that is more known to be accepting of LGBT students?

Question: Is there a specific residence building at Guelph that is more known to be accepting of LGBT students? I know it would change yearly, but what about factors like proximity to agriculture buildings (stereotyping, sorry :() etc. ?


As mentioned in the two previous postings relating to first-year at guelph the University itself has Human Rights Policies that protect people on the basis of sexual orientation, as does Student Housing Services.  Part of the role Residence Assistants is to create a safe space for all students to live and study. Unfortunately however, the most unpredictable and often the most influential factor on acceptance in residence communities are the individual students who live there. New students are coming to residence from a variety of places and will undoubtedly have differing experiences with and awareness of LGBT issues and people.

Stereotyping based on program of study can be a bit of a double-edged sword; while it can be a method of safety, it can also be misleading. Homo/lesbo/bi/trans/queer-phobic and LGBT-positive people can be studying in any program offered at the U of G. Like residence, it all depends on the individual students enrolled. If being removed from academic buildings would provide some peace-of-mind, the East Residences are located on the edge of campus.

We are currently in the process of contacting Residence Administration to clarify some of these details and will post any further information as it comes to light.

Added June 21, 2010

The following additional information regarding the roommate process for University of Guelph residences was received after consultation with the Residence Admissions & Marketing Manager:

  1. Students are able to identify a mutual request and we do our best to accommodate.
  2. New this year we have asked 4 additional questions to assist with roommate matching – in the past we relied solely on age (drinking & underage), smoking and academic program. This year we have added:
    1. Morning/Night person
    2. Preferred study locations
    3. Neat/Tidy/Ave
    4. Requesting a roommate who also abstains from alcohol
  3. We have a special consideration form that students in the past have used to self identify as LGBTIQQ2. Any negative concerns that we encounter are forwarded on to the Residence Life Management Team to assist.

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