i am transgendered, I was wondering if there are any trans-friendly doctors in Guelph?

Question: i am transgendered, I was wondering if there are any trans-friendly doctors in Guelph?


The Guelph Community Health Centre (GCHC) is currently the only location we know about that has doctors with proven experience in the area of Trans health. Unfortunately, at this time GCHC is not taking new clients and do not offer a waiting list. Further, their core mission statement  does not explicitly include Trans-identified individuals as a priority group, so to be eligible for their service one would need to fall into one of their other priority groups which are:

  • Children, prenatal to 6 years of age and their families;
  • Homeless/underhoused and downtown vulnerable adults;
  • New immigrants;
  • Individuals with barriers to good health, including
    • Low income
    • Disability (physically or mentally)
    • Isolation
    • Single parents
    • Unemployment.

If one of these priority groups does fit, then an option would be to check their website or call when you can to see if they are conducting new patient intake.

Rainbow Health Ontario, which is housed at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto, can provide information, protocols and support to doctors interested in learning about Trans health concerns. So another option would be to find a doctor at a clinic in Guelph that you would feel comfortable with and asking if they would be interested in receiving this information.  You can find a list of Guelph doctors accepting new patients off the City of Guelph website at  http://guelph.ca/living.cfm?subCatID=2063&smocid=2636.

Understanding that health is a major concern for the Queer community, OUTline will be launching a campaign in the next few months to  identify health care professionals in the Guelph area that have experience and sensitivity towards Queer health concerns. If we find any useful contacts, they will be available through our Phone Line which operates Tuesday-Thursday from 6-9pm at 519-836-4550. We will also post a blog entry to let people know that we do have those new referrals available.


One response to “i am transgendered, I was wondering if there are any trans-friendly doctors in Guelph?

  1. ARCH Clinic is now providing Trans Healthcare…you can call 519-780-5298 to make an appointment or email coordinator@archguelph.ca We operate on an anti-oppressive and informed consent model – meaning, you do not need a psych evaluation to begin hormone therapy.

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