Which counsellors at the University of Guelph Counselling Services have experience with queer and trans students?

Question: I see you have given resources for queer and trans friendly therapists off-campus. Could you tell me which counsellors at the university Counselling Services place have experience with queer and trans students seeking mental health support?


Most University of Guelph Counselling Services staff have experience working with a broad range of students, including students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT).  After consulting with the front desk staff who admit students for appointments, they stated that any of the current counsellors would be open and able to assist a student who identifies as LGBT. Counselling Services also makes a Statement on Diversity in their About Us section of their web page which includes gender and sexual/affectional orientation as grounds for respect.

If you are looking specifically for a counsellor that self-identifies as LGBT, you can let the Counselling Service front desk staff know when you book an appointment. If there is an LGBT counsellor currently on staff, they can try to match you with them. This may however mean waiting a little longer for an available appointment.

If you find none of the current Counselling Services staff are able to meet your specific needs, there is also a process for getting a referral to a more specialized off-campus professional. This process can also take longer than making a regular appointment and there may be a limit to the number of visits to an off-campus counsellor available. If you would like more information about this process, please contact the Counselling Services front desk at (519) 824-4120 ext. 53244.

With any health professional (doctor, dentist, counsellor etc.) it is within your right to try someone out and if the fit isn’t right, you can choose to see someone else. It can sometimes take a little time to find a professional whose style and personality align with you and your health goals.


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