I’m looking for a community in Guelph where LGBTIQQ2 people of all ages meet/socialise…

Question: I found this site in a randomly roundabout way, when trying to locate information about LGBTIQQ2 places to socialise in Guelph.  I saw the link for “I’m not a youth…” and clicked it, because… I’m not a youth.  I’m a 30-something yr old woman, married, kid, dogs, life, etc. who has identified as bisexual since the age of 15.  However, a lot of personal reflection, and discussing things with my husband, and I’ve come to realise that I’m not a tomboyish bisexual… I’m positively genderfluid/trans and pansexual.  This discovery has certainly led me to understanding my feelings/thoughts a whole lot better, but I would like a more interactive community in which I can participate and educate myself and my family, rather than the online community on which I have relied solely until now. I’m not looking for gay bars to hang out in, but a place where LGBTIQQ2 people of all ages meet/socialise to have some facetime with others like me. Thanks for any and all information you can provide 🙂  It’s much appreciated.


For many people, identities evolve over time as we move through experiences and develop new understandings of ourselves. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

The paTio may be a potential place to chat with people. The paTio meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:30-9:00 pm at Out On The Shelf (141 Woolwich Street, Matrix building on the side facing Eramosa). It’s a peer-support and social group for individuals that identify as trans, genderqueer, non-gendered and for their friends, family or significant others. They also have a fairly active Facebook group. You can check out their website at: thepatiogroup.wordpress.com

Out On The Shelf itself may be another space. It’s a resource library located downtown with over 2,800 resources (books, magazines, movies etc.) run entirely by volunteers who are LGBTIQQ2+ identified or allies. You can see their current hours at www.outontheshelf.ca although you may want to call ahead before visiting to make sure they are open. Being volunteer-run means sometimes shifts can’t be covered.

While it is a ways away yet, Guelph Pride will be happening May 5-12, 2012. It’s a week in celebration of diversity and typically includes a number of different events like a movie screening, brunch, dance, poetry event and social activities. There should be some information about Pride coming up on the Out On The Shelf website in the coming months.

You can check out the Qlinks.ca events calendar for other events and groups that may be meeting on a regular basis.

If we hear of any other social groups, we will be sure to post them to this blog ASAP.


2 responses to “I’m looking for a community in Guelph where LGBTIQQ2 people of all ages meet/socialise…

  1. Hello there we are DA GUYS PARANORMAL TEAM, Ontario`s first every Queer Paranormal Team and we would like to join this year for Pride in Guelph event as in a table, how much would it cost us and we would be able to offer a thing for the KITCHENER GHOST WALK that we do. please let us know .

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