The Switch: A Fantastic Transgender Comedy

Hey OUTline!

I used to go to the University of Guelph. In fact, it’s where I went to school when I was coming out as transgender. I thought you’d like to know about a project that I’ve been working on related to trans issues.

I’m helping to write a comedy show series that has a predominately transgender character cast, as well as some non-trans (cis) queer and straight characters. The Switch: A Fantastic Transgender Comedy is something I thought you’d want to check out and share with people you know. We have the featurette from the season (the first part of the first episode) up on kickstarter. I’d love it if you passed it around folks you know. We’re trying to raise enough money to make this happen!

What’s unique about The Switch? Well, over half the writing team, the producer and some of the staff are transgender…I promise this is not a comedy show where the brunt of the jokes are about the character’s gender identity. Also unique, is that ALL the trans characters are being played by real trans actors. It’s going to be pretty exciting, as well as funny. Personally, I’m getting excited that there will actually be trans characters that are to be neither pitied or mocked — it will be nice for folks to have someone in media to identify with that doesn’t sensationalize the ‘transgender story’.

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign webpage that also has the featurette video. I’d love for you to watch the featurette and let us know what you think! If you or anyone you know if able to contribute to the fund, or able to share within their social networks, I would really appreciate it. We can’t get this project off the ground without you. I welcome any positive and constructive criticism.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers from Vancouver,

Corey Essen


Hey Corey!

Thanks for sharing this opportunity to contribute to an awesome project! I think it’s so important that our community gets involved in creating and distributing its own media; that gives us power and agency over the way we’re represented. Good luck to you and this project!

To our readers, check it out and share it with your friends! This project needs your support!

❤ Liz


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