Do asexuals need safe spaces?

Hi! I see at the top of the webpage there is a list of (I assume) people who are considered queer or in need of resources and a safe space. I was curious whether asexual people are considered queer by OUTline? Thanks for your time.


Hey there,

I’m so glad you asked this question!

I would say that if a person feels that they are rendered invisible or marginalized by our heterosexual-monogamist-cisgender-normative society and wants or needs a safe space to connect with other folks who have had similar experiences, then OUTline is here for them. This includes folks who identify as queer, trans*, asexual and polyamorous. The only people we don’t work to carve out safe spaces for are cis-heterosexual-monogamous folks. That’s not because we don’t love them – allies are so awesome and we’re grateful for all they do – but simply because all spaces are their spaces. We live in a society that privileges those identities at the expense of all the other ones.

But even that isn’t a hard-and-fast rule – the case could be made that a person raised by gay parents, even if they identify as cis, monogamous, and heterosexual, may be in need of a safe space. If you’ve got two Dads, chances are you’ve had something like a “coming out experience” and experienced homophobia. Ditto if your mom is a transwoman, or you have three or four parents in the family home. At the end of the day, I would say that OUTline is not an organization that is about policing identities or excluding people.

I think that, unfortunately, asexuals are often rendered invisible in our community. In the past I know that even OUTline has (unintentionally) been part of that, but we are always growing and changing. This is something that I have been working hard to address behind the scenes, in training and in the services that we offer. Changes to our web presence will be a little slower since our main website is currently in transition, but here on WordPress, you’ll start to see changes very soon.

Hope that helps to clear things up :]

❤ Liz


One response to “Do asexuals need safe spaces?

  1. I consider myself asexual, but people keep telling me that’s impossible for humans and only possible for single celled organisms or plants. It’s so frustrating. I think asexual people need a safe place and others to talk to too! I hope the LGBQT community would be accepting since they are people who face adversity themselves (unfortunately).

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