Family thinking of moving to Guelph

Q: We’re thinking of moving to Guelph from Toronto with our two kids, one of whom is almost 11 and gender creative. He’s going through a lot of turmoil and we can only see this getting more challenging as he nears puberty. Changing schools will be a big deal for him. Are there any schools (he’ll be in Grade 6 next year) you feel are more welcoming for LGBT kids? We really worry about the emotional impact this may have on him… ? Thanks very much in advance!

Thank you for your question.  Rainbow Health Ontario is an excellent resource for gender and sexually diverse people throughout the province.  Many people are familiar with the resources they provide at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto, but might not also know about the network of resources they offer in many other communities.  In our area, Dave Vervoort is the contact person for the Community Outreach Team.  Dave is well known to us and has worked extensively with the LGBTQ community, including with children and youth.  He would be happy to talk to you about the specifics of your situation and is quite knowledgeable about the local community.

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