Helping in different countries

Q: Hi, I really like this service that you have online and helping LGBT individuals of all ages. My question for you is, what is the limitation regarding individuals in different countries asking for your advice? For example, if someone from India or Sri Lanka were to message you, would that be OK or would it be outside the limitations of those who you could help out?

As a 2nd part of the question (sorry I’m asking you 2 in 1 post). If someone were to ask you for resources in a community that your not familiar with, how would you reply to that question? Would you do a Google search and dig through Facebook organizations and message them if necessary, or would you say your unsure?

Thanks so much 🙂


Dear asker,

First of all, thank you so much for your support and question.

Secondly, we at OUTline never turn anyone away. We would obviously face limitations in assisting folks from different countries, but we will always do our best. In answering an ‘ask’ specific to a different country, I myself would first acknowledge the privilege we have here in Canada when it comes to being out and open about sexual orientation and gender identity. Unfortunately many places around the world are not so privileged, and I always urge folks to consider their safety first and foremost.

After acknowledging that I may not be able to best help the asker, I would indeed Google/search for other safe and positive organisations in their area that might be able to better address a location-specific question. As I mentioned, no question is turned away (unless of course it doesn’t adhere to our terms and conditions), and I know I speak for the entire OUTline team when I say that we would do our best to support an asker.

Thank you again for your question, and if you yourself live in a different country and can suggest some LGBTQ+ organisations in your area that we may be able to refer to in the future, please email We are always adding to our resource bank and would appreciate any input!

In solidarity,

Amber (OUTline Facilitator)


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