Welcome, Gryphons!

Orientation Week 2015 is upon us! OUTline would like to welcome all new and returning students to the University of Guelph. Orientation Week is a time for growth, development, and learning, so we figured we might as well take the opportunity and offer you some resources to grow, develop, and learn in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity. Introducing… Orientations Week 2015! This poster series is designed to educate and inform, not impose or define. There is an unlimited amount of diversity in the world, and on our campus, as well as an unlimited amount of identities. Here are some ones you might be interested in learning about! Let us know what you think, what you learn, what you identify with, and what we can add. And most of all, welcome to all the diverse array of Gryohons 🙂

P.S. Services will resume Monday, September 21 – stay tuned for an update!


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