I don’t know what my gender is…

I thought I had it all figured out.
I know I am attracted to the same sex.
I released I was gay/lesbian (sex at birth female; using female pronouns) and I finally was fine with it. But now as I become more comfortable being gay and I guess dressing more ‘butch’, I realise as i present myself more ‘masculine’ I am more attracted to men/males.
I think I am attracted to the same sex/gender, but I don’t know what my gender is and how I should reconcile this being born female.

Sex, gender identity, and gender expression are really confusing, not to mention sexual orientation. To talk about all these things…

  • Visit OUTline ONline at qlinks.ca/outline to chat with a trained LGBTQ2IA+ peer who’s been there – every day (including weekends) from 5-10 pm (except holidays);
  • Email campout@uoguelph.ca to find out where the confidential group CampOUT meets on campus – for students who are questioning and/or at all stages of the coming out process (whatever that means to you) to chat about whatever’s on their mind;
  • Email Suzanne Welstead at swelstea@uoguelph.ca to find out more about joining the University’s Gender Conversation Group that meets Thursdays from 5 to 6:30 pm until November 19.
  • Stop by the Gender Intersect meet-up for trans and non-binary folks and their allies. It happens the 3rd Monday of every month at 7 pm at the Red Brick Café, 8 Douglas St.

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