Lesbian residence?

I was just wondering about a rumourr I heard that Macdonald Hall Residence is the “lesbian residence” and wanted to know how true that is? As an LGBT student I am worried about not being able to meet other LGBT people this upcoming fall 2016. What other resources or clubs are there available for me to get out there?

Hey asker,

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To address the rumour of Macdonald Hall as the lesbian residence, it’s actually not a residence anymore! “In January 2014, the University of Guelph announced that Macdonald Hall would undergo a transformation into [the] new” home of the College of Business and Economics, and it’s currently under construction. I suspect the lesbian rumour emerged when the Hall was the University of Guelph’s all-female residence, which was the case until last year. Now, the University’s only all-female residence is Watson Hall, which houses 50 students in the North of campus.

I can’t confirm or deny that the all-female residence houses more lesbians than any other, as there are many reasons women may choose to live with other women (sexual orientation being just one). In writing the blog response “Safe Residence for New FTM Student“, it appeared from the information gathered that Artz Haus is one of the more seemingly ‘accepting’ residences that tends to house more sexually and gender diverse students, but that speculation is in no way supported by fact. There’s really no way to know the sexual orientation (or gender identity) of students by residence.

As for your question/concern about meeting new people, try not to fret! There are lots of resources provided by the University to help ease the transition before the school year even starts. For all those details, check out the previous post, “FTM transgender moving into female dorms“! It has a section all about making friends. Some of the resources mentioned there are gender-identity-specific, so some other general LGBTQ2IA+ ones are:

  • Pride & Prejudice: “a social group that builds leadership skills through art and educational workshops for LGBTQ+ youth aged 14-21. Pizza is provided!” The group meets the third Wednesday of every month at Harcourt United Church, 87 Dean Ave.
  • Rainbow Connections: “a peer support group to talk about LGBTQ+ and mental health issues. Open to all people aged 18+”. The group meets every Tuesday from 1:15-2:15 pm at 147 Wyndham St. N., Suite 207.
  • Qlinks.ca: “your link to to everything LGBTQ+ in Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin & Grey Bruce”

I hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing you in Guelph in the Fall 🙂
– Amber


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