Answers that Are in the Works: Unanswered Questions

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I think I might be trans but I live in a small town, I’m underage, the only therapist around is super religious, and I’m 100% certain my parents would flip if I told them. What should I do?

I am going into my first year at Guelph, and was wondering how LGBT positive both the city and the campus truly are? Some areas are, of course, deemed more pro-gay or more homophobic than others, and I just wanted to have an honest opinion. Of course this part of Guelph is a safe space, but I truly want a non-bias answer for this!

Hey there! I’m a first year student looking for a LGBTQ+ club to meet other people and just chill out. Are there any clubs like this on campus, and if so, when and what time do they meet? Thanks!

I never had a serious relationship with a guy until grade 10. Whenever I hung out with him, i kept thinking to myself: this is extremely boring! I felt very uncomfortable around him and was not interested in him at all. Once i got older, I met a girl who was openly gay. Since the first day I met her I had butterflys in my stomach and felt this amazing connection with her. It felt completely different from when I was with a guy. I’m questioning if im really a lesbian because I can’t tell what I like. People always say: you “just know”, or, you’ll know because you will crush on all these girls. But for me, i don’t know, and I don’t crush on all these girls. I cant tell what like and I’m not sure what to do. What can i do to help clear my mind to be able to really know what I like?

I am a Pansexual Transgender Male and I was kicked out of Wyndham House (not for a punishable reason) and I need a safe and LGBTQ+ accepting place to stay until I get enough money from work to pay to rent a place of my own. I don’t feel safe at the youth emergency shelter, so where can I stay for free for the time being?

About a year ago, in my freshman year, I accepted that I’m a lesbian. But I still haven’t been able to come out to my family. The only people that know are a few close friends I have. The problem is my parents are getting suspicious. They keep questioning my sexuality and asking questions such as: “Why do you defend the gays so much, do you identify as one or do you empathize them?” And I honestly have no clue how to answer! Should I come out to them? They seem accepting enough but I still feel very new about knowing my sexuality. I feel like I need to wait another year or so to tell them, but I’m worried I might accidentally slip while they ask me these questions. What should I do?

Hi so I’v been out as trans for quite some time now and am interested in starting HRT. Do you know of trans friendly clinics or doctors in or near Guelph?

I’m a first year student, and I’m struggling with my sexuality. All of my friends are straight, so I don’t have anyone to talk to. I am also not out to anyone yet. I’ve been considering counselling services for a while, but I’m not sure if it’s the place for me because I don’t feel depressed or lost in any other part of my life, and I’m still able to do well in school and go out and have fun most of the time. Should I still see a counselor?

I’m a gay, person of color, first year student at a university in the U.S. looking to transfer to a university in Ontario because of the increasing homophobia & racism. I chose my current uni because it was supposed to be safe, but it’s truly not to the point where I’ve had to go into the closet, trying my best to pass as both straight & white. If an incident of homophobia occurs, be it verbal, written, or physical, what is U of G’s policy for dealing with such? (I have PTSD as the result of being repeatedly, homophobic-ally assaulted & having my life threatened in my teen years, so naturally, this is not a small matter for me.)

Hi,my name is eilia varessi I’m from Iran and now it’s like 4 years that I live in Ecuador. I have a professional visa …. I’m an architect and I am 34 years old…. my consult with you it’s about my medical situation, I’m Transsexual female to male. I did my surgery 9 years ago, but about my human rights I had a lot of problem in my country then I chose for coming out and live in another country and only places that pass me visa easily it was turkish and ecuador and i chose ecuador, because it is so far from my country , then i started to live here but im having the same problems here and more its about my medical problems , i mean i havent found the correct doctor for my medical services and here Doctors dont know even what is transsexual. So, i tried to contact with UNHCR (ONU) for make a plan that I can be refugee to another country and here they can only apply for me to U.S and they made it and U.S accept me just i couldn’t pass my medical test because I said to them that I use cannabis as a medical(I thought I had to be honest and with them it’s not necessary i hide something) but because here it is not legal they didn’t accept my doctor prescription and they told me first you have to wait one year more and again do the test and if it is negative we will accept you. Now things got harder when Trump was chosen as president, so they called me and said me that I have to be so patient because it will take a more time, maybe 2 years for I can go to U.S and actually after all of this things are happening in U.S about foreigners I was thinking If my case can be acceptable for Canada, because I have been reading that the human rights for transgender people are amazing in Canada. I asked in UNHCR of here If they can apply for send me to Canada but they told me that Canada just will accept colombian people who lives in Ecuador, so They told me I havent chance to apply for Canada. Please, I really need to move to one country have enough medical advance about transsexual. If you can help me with some information about how can I do for Canada accept me as a refugee, I will be really thankful.
with regards,
Eilia Varessi