Guelph Community Resources

Here you’ll find detailed information about Guelph Community Resources that support LGBTQ2IA+ people.

Out On The Shelf


Out On The Shelf is a community resource which focuses on LGBTQA+ programming in Guelph. Out On The Shelf offers a number of different services to the community. Out On The Shelf runs a small library out of 10 Carden St. in Downtown Guelph. OOTS also runs a number of LGBTQA+ events in Guelph including #Blend run out of Sip Club or Queer in Guelph (#QIG). OOTS also coordinates an LGBTQA+ youth group and a writer’s circle. Out On The Shelf organizes Guelph Pride Week as well.

Programming & Services

  • Lending library out of 10 Carden St.
  • Social events
  • Guelph Pride Week
  • Small group programming

Location: 10 Carden St.

Accessibility: Most events are wheelchair and scooter accessible. Please connect with OOTS volunteers for more information.

Hours: Each event has its own hours which vary.

Contact: Email:, Website:, Facebook:, Twitter:, Tumblr:

Guelph Pride


Guelph Pride exists to organize an annual event to celebrate and bring together Guelph’s Queer (LGBTTIQQ2A) community, their friends, families, and allies of all ages in a safe, welcoming environment. Guelph Pride is a subsidiary of Out On The Shelf.

Programming & Services

  • Social events
  • Workshops
  • Outreach

Location: No physical space, each event has its own location.

Accessibility: Most events are wheelchair and scooter accessible. Please connect with OOTS volunteers for more information.

Hours: Each event has its own hours which vary.

Contact: Email:, Website:, Twitter: @prideguelph, Facebook: “Official Guelph Pride”

Gender Intersect

Gender Intersect is a hub for trans and gender-independent folks to come together to find support and community here in Guelph and the surrounding area. We operate under ARCH and host monthly meet-ups as well as a variety of other workshops, events, and programming.

Looking for community connections? Have questions you need answered? Struggles or celebrations you want to share? Feel free to post or contact us at and we’ll arrange for you to meet up with either a few of us who facilitate the group or other folks in the wider trans and gender independent community to chat.

Are you part of a workplace, school, congregation or organization that could use some assistance creating trans and genderqueer inclusion? Gender Intersect can offer workshops tailored to the needs of your group be it covering the basics of what trans and genderqueer can mean or being an ally to trans and genderqueer folk. Contact us at to discuss workshop options and potential collaborations.



HIV/AIDS Research and Community Health (ARCH Guelph)


At HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health (ARCH), they dream of a time and place where everyone is free to live healthy, vital lives. To achieve this vision, they provide programs, services, education and support to people living with, affected by, and at risk of, HIV and AIDS in Guelph, Wellington County, Dufferin, Grey and Bruce Counties. Whether you are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, ARCH has programs and services available that can meet your needs. ARCH provides accessible, culturally responsive, and holistic support services and programs. Their goal is to engage, empower and build the capacity of people living with HIV and AIDS, individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS by offering services that meet people and communities where they are at and by responding to identified needs. ARCH Guelph’s services are inclusive of people of all gender and sexual identities.

Programming & Services

  • Awareness campaigns about LGBTQA+ identities, sexual health, and HIV/AIDS
  • Education workshops
  • HIV/STI testing
  • Support services and groups
  • Outreach
  • Education and Prevention Programming

Location: 89 Dawson Rd. Unit 115, Guelph

Accessibility: Wheelchair and scooter accessible.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9 am – 5 pm; Wednesday 9 am-6 pm; Friday 9 am-1 pm (closed everyday 12:30-1:30 pm for lunch)

Contact: Phone: (519) 763-2255; Website:; Email:; Facebook:; Twitter: @ARCHGuelph

Community Torchlight


Community Torchlight offers free, telephone-based listening, support, referral, seniors reassurance call-out, and crisis assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) by trained staff and volunteers. Callers are confidential. Unless requesting emergency services, you do not need to identify yourself or give any information which might identify your location.

Programmings & Services

  • Crisis line (1-877-822-0140) for people with a mental health challenge, with a suicide risk, or who are concerned family members
  • Distress line (1-888-821-3760) for people who are lonely, confused, or in distress

Location: Their phone office is kept confidential.

Accessibility: Service is only accessible by phone.

Hours: 24/7

Contact: Website:; Facebook:; Twitter: @CommunityTorch

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis


Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis is a feminist community-based organization providing services to women and their children on woman abuse and sexual violence. They believe that their services must be inclusive and equitable for all individuals accessing their programs while being responsive to issues of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and/or abilities.

Programming and Services

  • Marianne’s Place (women’s shelter)
  • Transitional and Housing Support Program (THSP)
  • Family Court Support Program (FCSP)
  • Rural Women’s Support Program (RWSP)
  • Sexual Assault Centre (SAC)
  • 24-hour Crisis Line (1-800-265-7233)

Location: 38 Elizabeth St., Guelph (Administrative Office)

Accessibility: Wheelchair and scooter accessible.

Hours: Varies per program.

Contact: Administrative Phone: (519) 836-1110; Email:; Website:; Twitter: @gwwic


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