Make a Comment

We encourage people to make comments on any posting in our blog. We ask, however, that anyone considering making a comment consider the following to ensure it is appropriate for this forum.

The purpose of “Ask OUTline”
Our goal is to provide a safe, confidential, and anonymous forum to ask questions and get responses that are both supportive and informative. We endeavour in our responses to provide options, empowering the asker to decide their own course of action. We are very sensitive to the different places people can be on their journey and attempt to write responses that are as inclusive and unbiased as possible.

How can comments help?
Experiences and thoughts about postings can help askers and readers by providing:

  • more options – through additional and alternative resources;
  • more information – through personal or professional experiences and insights related to the topic;
  • more support – by sharing experiences which can help break isolation.

How can comments hurt?
Experiences and thoughts about postings can hurt askers and readers if they:

  • reduce options – for example, the use of directive statements like “You should/shouldn’t…” or “Do/Don’t…”;
  • provide incomplete or misleading information – for example, personal opinions where facts/examples are omitted;
  • create an unsupportive environment – for example, use of insults or hurtful language, advice-giving, or personal venting.

Do you have some tips?
Here are a few tips to writing a really great and supportive comment:

  • Read over this page before posting to know what we are trying to accomplish;
  • Use I statements, like “I feel…”, “In my experience…”, “I think…”;
  • Provide links to resources where possible (either web links or references to organizations).

My comment did not appear as I wrote it. What happened?
As with all questions, we reserve the right to edit any comment that contravenes any of the above. Please understand that our priority is ensuring a supportive and informative environment for all our askers and readers.

If you are feeling frustrated about something and want to vent, please chat with us at We’re open 7 days a week from 5-10 pm.

If you have any questions about this, please direct them to the OUTline Factilitator at


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